Welcome to Twenty-Third Publications

Twenty-Third Publications has been supporting and empowering Catholic parish leaders, both lay and ordained, for more than fifty years. We are committed to lifelong faith formation through wholistic catechesis at all stages of faith development. We offer inspiring spiritual and catechetical resources for ministry leaders, parishioners, and seekers including books, booklets, seasonal devotionals, catechetical materials for adults, teens and children, and group studies of sacred scripture and the teachings of our Catholic faith. Take a moment and explore our offerings!

  • Catechist Resources

    Exceptional Catholic resources to support and develop Catechetical Leaders, Teachers, Catechists, and Parish Teams.

  • Pastoral Resources

    A rich array of programs, activities and resources created uniquely for parish leaders active in the life of the church.

  • Spiritual Enrichment

    Inspiring reading to enrich your faith life and deepen your relationship with God.

Twenty-Third Publications is a Division of Bayard, Inc.