Witness of Faith in the Home (E-Resource, Sharable)

Celebrating the NEW Directory for Catechesis


The new Directory for Catechesis provides an opportunity to renew and refresh the call to catechetical ministry. The Refresh Your Faith series offers hands-on applications of the Directory's principles for catechists, catechetical leaders, parents, and all those involved in this vital ministry.

 In this booklet, Connie Clark speaks candidly with parents as she explores what the new Directory calls “casual catechesis.” She focuses on four guidelines from the Directory that parents can use to guide their families as they grow in faith:

  • awaken the sense of God;
  • take first steps in prayer;
  • form consciences;
  • understand Christian love as a reflection of God’s love.

Through it all, she shares engaging personal stories, encouragement, and practical ideas to help families recognize their beautiful, vital role in the Christian community and in the family of God.

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