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Interculturalism and Catechesis

A Catechist’s Guide to Responding the Cultural Diversity


This practical, hands-on guide is written to help catechists and catechetical leaders share the richness of the Catholic faith while affirming and honoring the many cultures and languages of their parishes. Through case studies and stories, it provides context for understanding why language and culture matter so much. And with tips for training catechists to be culturally-sensitive and for planning programs, lessons, and events, this invaluable resource can help you build even stronger communities of faith in a culturally diverse world.

Also available in Spanish: 
BIBLIOTECA ESENCIAL DEL CATEQUISTA - Interculturalismo y catequesis: Guía del catequista para responder a la diversidad cultural 

96 pages  |  5.5" x 8.5" 

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