Keeping the Faith

Prayers for College Students


"Here, in this chapel, in the presence of God, I was no longer a nameless freshman, walking in a wandering herd. I bore no label. I was still scared, unsure, and looking for the place where I fit in; but I was no longer alone. God knew me, knew why I was here, and felt no need to make small talk about my major or my hometown."

So begins this book of heartfelt and very realistic prayers about college life. Kerry Weber beautifully expresses all the familiar emotions, all the highs and lows, all the fears and dreams that every college student experiences. She learned early on in her own college life that she couldn't cope without God's guidance and she clung to her faith to see her through. She makes a compelling case for staying close to God from the first unfamiliar days on campus to the moment of graduation. This is a wonderful gift for any young person heading off to college.

64 pages  |  4" x 6"

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