Praise God: To All People of Good Will on the Climate Crisis - Sharable E-Resource

Group Reading Guide to Pope Francis' Laudate Deum


When Pope Francis released Laudato Si’ in 2015, it was the first time in the history of the church that an entire encyclical addressed the connection between climate science and our faith. By doing that, he moved climate change, our ecosystem’s destruction, and environmental degradation’s economic impact to center stage for Christians. Once the concern mainly of scientists and politicians, the care of our common home would now also be the concern of people of faith. With the release of Laudate Deum on October 4, 2023—a follow-up document in the form of an apostolic exhortation—Pope Francis seeks to strengthen his teaching and keep this issue front and center for us all.

In Laudate Deum, Pope Francis urges us not to lose hope for that, he says, would be “suicidal” and expose everyone—especially people experiencing poverty and the next generation—to the terrible consequences of our unwillingness to act. He argues that we know what must be done but lack the political and economic will to do it.

In this plain-English study guide, Bill Huebsch makes Pope Francis’ message even more accessible with paraphrased summaries along with prayerful discussion and reflection questions.  Perfect for group or individual study. 

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