Profundizando y Madurando Nuestra Fe

Para La Formacion De Catequistas Y Agentes De Pastoral


Profundizando y Madurando Nuestra Fe is a 15-chapter catechist or teacher formation process in Spanish, which can be used over 30 sessions, corresponding to Into the Fields. Buy the Profundizando Learner Pack below to get the booklets for Creciendo en la Fe, which presents the entire Catechism in plain Spanish and is often used as a component to this program. It presents a comprehensive training course for catechists. It focuses on the theological foundations of the Catholic faith, and offers sound guidance for increasing the spirituality of those who teach religion.

Profundizando y Madurando Nuestra Fe is an excellent resource for new catechists and teachers, as well as for those who have been teaching for some time. It was written by Hispanics for Hispanics.

184 pages  |  8.4" x 10.7"

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