The Sacraments - Lesson helps, resources, and activities for busy catechists

Uncover 'The Sacraments - Lesson Helps, Resources, and Activities for Busy Catechists.' This helpful resource offers catechists and religion teachers 100 pages of enlightening articles from acclaimed writers. Appropriate for Catechetical Sunday on September 17, this special issue offers an exploration of the Seven Sacraments with infographics, exhaustive features, teaching advice, saint biographies, sample lessons, and bonus material.

This valuable source for catechists and religion teachers includes a wealth of articles from writers. Seven chapters on the Seven Sacraments with:* infographics for quick comprehension of each sacrament* comprehensive features exploring sacramental theology* guidance on educating children and youth on each sacrament* saint biographies connecting to each sacrament* sample lessons and activities* bonus content!

100 pages

7.875” x 10.875”

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